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5 Reasons why Overseas Look for Call Center Service Provider in India?

India has a large pool of intellectual and human resource personnel. Along with that, the country has good IT infrastructure facilities. Here, you will get access to quality intellectual minds having great communication skills, well-versed in spoken English along with other attributes required to render excellent call center services. This is the reason that the demand for Indian call center services is increasing all across the globe.

Be it Europe, Australia or U.S. businesses, all are a part of India’s global clientele. Some of the prominent companies such as British Airways, America Online, Dell Computers, Swiss Air, GE Capital, American Express etc are procuring services from Indian call centers. As per a report by Gartner, India is the prime outsourcing provider. It is said that in 2006, India was servicing around 1.9 percent of the $672 billion IT market. Having said that, let’s closely look at the reasons that attract overseas companies to procure Indian call center services:

A pool of good quality and economical workforce

A reason for the overseas companies to look at India is the cost-effectiveness. The reason overseas companies look at India for procuring their services are the economical rates at which the services are provided. You can get access to better marketing tactics and a sales & marketing team that can come up with promising lead generation services. Great results and economical rates are the unique selling point that attracts global companies from Europe and USA to procure call center services from India.  Hiring a US professional is eight times expensive when compared to Indian professionals. This really reduces the overall operational cost on the part of USA companies enhancing the overall profitability of their business.

A pool of intellectual minds

India has access to a pool of intellectual minds that are well-versed in spoken English. They have all the perquisites that are essential for rendering a good customer experience to the clients. India has a pool of work personnel that is good at knowledge retention, pays attention to detail, they are flexible and friendly in nature along with their abilities to work under pressure.

Handling language variations

In call centers, it is important to have proficiency in different languages. Although, English is the key language. But, along with English, they need to have proficiency in Spanish and other languages as well as the demand arises. This adaptability to learn and adapt to new changes is an intangible skill which is clearly visible when you talk about Indian call center services.

Continuous training

The workforce in the Indian sector will always give its best. At Indian call centers, you will find that regular training sessions are given to the agents on regular basis. This adds to the technical expertise of the Indian workforce. Thus, improvising the overall quality of the work that they render to the offshore clients.

Excellent IT Infrastructure

India has an excellent IT infrastructure. Moreover, call centers these days are paying great attention to investing their resources in creating quality infrastructure. This is essential for smooth business operations.

Indian call centers have access to excellent technical services

Indian call centers has access to good technical services which enables them to deliver top-notch services. With other places, this is not the case. As India is able to give good services,  they get good projects because of which new investment comes into the country. This capital is further invested in improving the overall technology prevailing in India.


In the end, it is important to say that India is enjoying a great demand from overseas companies. The economical rates, good intellectual skills and ability to solve problems at a quick rate are some of the things that attract overseas companies to outsource services from Indian industry.  However, while outsourcing call center operations from India, you must look for the reliability, service and cultural fit that the service providers offer. Keeping the price point in mind, you have to take care that the reputed call center service provider in India respect the company’s culture and in totality the overall brand value of the company.