Interesting facts about Call Centers

Technology has really been on the roll for a couple of decades now. What was supposed to be a difficult and challenging task 20 years back, can be done in a minute or so today. Apart from making the mundane activities easy, technology has also brought evolution to various business sectors.

One such industry that technology has impacted heavily is BPO. Business process outsourcing or profitable BPO services have transformed from being a cost-saver strategy to a value provider for organizations of all sizes.

A lot of outsourcing companies known as the call centers have come up and the entire business sector feels blessed.

Typically, a call center is a premise, office or a setup where a large volume of customer calls are received and made for the customer support and generating sales respectively. The call centers are known usually to keep their strict focus on the management of customer calls and hence stringent training is provided to the agents working in such premises.

Since outsourcing and the call centers have gained immense popularity, a lot of unknown facts about BPOs still exist. These aspects may be known to the industry experts and professionals working in the sector but the business owners who have just started outsourcing or are planning to delegate their tasks might be unfamiliar with these facts.

With the hope that these facts will intrigue your interest in the BPO services more, let me give you a walk through the different elemental aspects of the call centers and associated services:

1.    Know the difference: Call Center and the Contact Center

I have encountered a lot of blogs and articles where the terms ‘call center’ and ‘contact center’ are used interchangeably. Well, this is not correct.

Call centers are simply the premises where customer calls are addressed and made. That’s it. The assistance is provided through a telephone call.

On the other hand, a contact center is known to offer assistance to the businesses on several platforms other than the telephone. For instance, a contact center can offer assistance to the customers on mediums such as email, chat, text, and so on.

2.    Call centers are not always located overseas

This is quite common. Businesses owners often assume that outsourcing means handing over operations to a service provider in an overseas location.

This is absolutely rubbish. Outsourcing does not mean delegation of tasks to the overseas call centers only. Instead, BPO services can be availed onshore too. That means if you have a business in Australia, you can find a suitable outsourcing partner in your country only.

3.    Big organizations and SMBs, both choose to outsource

Since outsourcing saves enormous operational expenses of the businesses, it is somehow assumed that only SMBs should choose the call centers.

But, surprisingly, a majority of big players also not shy to handover their business functions to the service providers. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Ford, Microsoft, etc have been continuously outsourcing their business functions to overseas call centers.

Still, there are few companies that still manage their own call centers. The operational cost is obviously high but still, these firms rely more on the self-handling of customers’ call.

4.    Varied sorts of call handling

The service providers that handle only incoming calls from the customers are termed as the inbound call centers. Similarly, the companies that specialize in only making outgoing calls to the customers with an objective to increase sales are known as the outbound call centers.

The inbound call centers handle the customer support, order taking, billing inquiries, help desk, and similar business functions. On the other hand, an outbound call center takes care of tasks such as lead generation, telemarketing, appointment setting, market research, and customer loyalty programs.

Apart from these two, there are multichannel call centers that handle both inbound and outbound calls.

5.    Most engaging hours are between 10 am and noon on a Monday

Call center agents typically experience the heaviest call volumes on Mondays between 10 am and noon. After the weekend spending on family and friends, customers return to the business on Monday to get things done.

6.    The people are the major expense

You will be surprised to know that 70% of the operational expense of the call centers is associated with the hiring and training of the agents. After all the biggest asset of these BPO services providers is their experts who offer an unmatched experience to the customers.

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5 Reasons why Overseas Look for Call Center Service Provider in India?

India has a large pool of intellectual and human resource personnel. Along with that, the country has good IT infrastructure facilities. Here, you will get access to quality intellectual minds having great communication skills, well-versed in spoken English along with other attributes required to render excellent call center services. This is the reason that the demand for Indian call center services is increasing all across the globe.

Be it Europe, Australia or U.S. businesses, all are a part of India’s global clientele. Some of the prominent companies such as British Airways, America Online, Dell Computers, Swiss Air, GE Capital, American Express etc are procuring services from Indian call centers. As per a report by Gartner, India is the prime outsourcing provider. It is said that in 2006, India was servicing around 1.9 percent of the $672 billion IT market. Having said that, let’s closely look at the reasons that attract overseas companies to procure Indian call center services:

A pool of good quality and economical workforce

A reason for the overseas companies to look at India is the cost-effectiveness. The reason overseas companies look at India for procuring their services are the economical rates at which the services are provided. You can get access to better marketing tactics and a sales & marketing team that can come up with promising lead generation services. Great results and economical rates are the unique selling point that attracts global companies from Europe and USA to procure call center services from India.  Hiring a US professional is eight times expensive when compared to Indian professionals. This really reduces the overall operational cost on the part of USA companies enhancing the overall profitability of their business.

A pool of intellectual minds

India has access to a pool of intellectual minds that are well-versed in spoken English. They have all the perquisites that are essential for rendering a good customer experience to the clients. India has a pool of work personnel that is good at knowledge retention, pays attention to detail, they are flexible and friendly in nature along with their abilities to work under pressure.

Handling language variations

In call centers, it is important to have proficiency in different languages. Although, English is the key language. But, along with English, they need to have proficiency in Spanish and other languages as well as the demand arises. This adaptability to learn and adapt to new changes is an intangible skill which is clearly visible when you talk about Indian call center services.

Continuous training

The workforce in the Indian sector will always give its best. At Indian call centers, you will find that regular training sessions are given to the agents on regular basis. This adds to the technical expertise of the Indian workforce. Thus, improvising the overall quality of the work that they render to the offshore clients.

Excellent IT Infrastructure

India has an excellent IT infrastructure. Moreover, call centers these days are paying great attention to investing their resources in creating quality infrastructure. This is essential for smooth business operations.

Indian call centers have access to excellent technical services

Indian call centers has access to good technical services which enables them to deliver top-notch services. With other places, this is not the case. As India is able to give good services,  they get good projects because of which new investment comes into the country. This capital is further invested in improving the overall technology prevailing in India.


In the end, it is important to say that India is enjoying a great demand from overseas companies. The economical rates, good intellectual skills and ability to solve problems at a quick rate are some of the things that attract overseas companies to outsource services from Indian industry.  However, while outsourcing call center operations from India, you must look for the reliability, service and cultural fit that the service providers offer. Keeping the price point in mind, you have to take care that the reputed call center service provider in India respect the company’s culture and in totality the overall brand value of the company.

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Points to Ponder Upon If Opting for Call Center Outsourcing in USA?

Call centers services are an integral part of every business firm. Without it, a company cannot boast of a stable and growing customer base. In fact, growth becomes really stagnant if call center services are not executed well. So, businesses plan to play safe and instead of trying to manage things in-house, they opt for outsourcing. However, it is known to all that if these services are gone in the hands of non-reliant and diligent service providers, they deteriorate the service quality. In turn, this leads to dissatisfaction and not satisfaction. That is why call center outsourcing in USA is becoming a major matter of concern for the businesses.

There are various things that a business must keep in mind before call center outsourcing. So, take a look.

•    Have a sales and marketing strategy-

Businesses who have just entered the domain focus on the core business processes. They forget that a very important aspect of growth and success are the customers themselves and for that initially you need to reach out to the customers on your own. For that, it is prudent to have a well-thought sales and marketing strategy. It is only then that your reliable call center outsourcing in USA or any other country can turn out to be fruitful. Decide if you need a telemarketing team to be integrated with the sales team work or not. Integrated functions are more beneficial than the non-integrated ones. Doing so will help in converting the qualified leads into customers soon.

•    Budget distribution-

Telemarketing whether inbound or outbound isn’t a sure shot way to increase the sales. The chances of increasing the sales depend on how aligned the script is with the requirements of the person on the line. Cold-calling and following up the leads every now and then is a tedious process. So, it is advisable for you to take a free trial before call center outsourcing in USA. The free trial is usually for 1-2 weeks but with negotiation, it can be extended to 3 weeks. After that, you can have a better understanding of the quality of services and the budget that you should dedicate to this function.

•    Evaluate your top outsourcing picks-

Delegating a part of your work is not easy. You need to be very sure of the ability of the service provider. If he cannot live up to your expectations, all of your investment will go in vain. While you must be having a list of companies, you should access them by taking trials and interviewing them.

•    Have reasonable expectations-

Companies should not have unreal expectations from the third party. High expectations can have a negative impact on your relationship with the third party vendor. Asking them to generate at least 20 leads per day is not so strategical.

Choose the call center after you have put some thought to these points. After that, you will surely be able to provide a great customer experience.

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Telephone Marketing Services: Tips and Benefits

The significance of telephone marketing services or telemarketing services cannot be overlooked. They help in increasing the revenue of your business by attracting the interested and the uninterested towards your products. The agents use their knowledge of the product and the company and art of persuasion to convince the customers to buy the products of your company.

There a plethora of benefits of using best telephone marketing services. Take a look at the first and then look at the tips to improve the same even more.

•    Cost saving- Telemarketing saves a lot of your money. If you have just started your business, outbound telemarketing is the best. Advertising on television or internet will cost you way more than this.

•    Helps in expansion- Outbound telemarketing helps your business in expansion as it allows you to reach out to the leads. Moreover, it also increases your brand awareness.

•    Customer convenient- It is convenient for the existing customers and the potential ones to know about the products and the company. For instance, inbound telemarketing allows you to let the existing ones know about the new products as the agents try to cross-sell and upsell. Apart from that, the outbound telemarketing allows you to let the leads turn into customers.

•    Keep track of your sales- The sales done using telemarketing can be tracked. You can use the data to analyze which section of society, region prefers your product more. The business can then make strategies according to that information.

•    Get feedback immediately- Telemarketing also allows you to take feedback from the customer after they use your product. So, follow-up, ask them about the product as the same will help you in improving the product and meeting the expectation of the customers.

Now, let us look at the tips that can help the agents in improving their interactions further.

•    Speak clearly- It is imperative for you to be clear in your mind with what you say, otherwise, there will be no clarity in your words. Make sure the connection is good enough so that the voice doesn’t break out. Moreover, be as clear as possible in your pitch and the statements you make. Clarity and confidence is the key to getting the attention of the person on the line.

•    Have a plan- It is crucial for you to have a plan in your mind before you call. Obviously, you would be required to personalize and customize the scripts you have but that is another part of the story altogether. If you will speak without any plan, you will end up losing the hold on the other person and won’t be able to answer the questions well.

•    Don’t rely on scripts- Having a script is quintessential for telephone marketing services agents but considering it as something you would need to speak as it is, is wrong. So, don’t rely on it.

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How a Ticketing System in Help Desk benefits Customer Service?

Any business owner who has provided customer support must be aware of the significance of help desk service. The help desk services providers are known for their ticketing system process to resolve customer’s issue. Tickets are provided for individual customer service cases. As soon as a customer submits his/her query, a help desk ticket is being generated. This ticket is used as a reference for customer’s issue and is known to track all the progress made to resolve the query until the time it is closed.

These services are getting highly popular in the business industry, owing to their affordability, prompt resolutions, and precise nature. Be it help desk services India, Philippines or China, the ticketing system is highly popular. It aids you in saving time by automating the repetitive extraneous business functions that are related to handling customer support cases. The ticketing system channels back to CRM (customer relationship management) database, which holds all your contact’s associated data.

Various kinds of ticketing systems are available in the market and each differs from each other a lot. Let’s take a gander at the benefits the help desk ticketing system offers to your customer support department:

Prompt ticket resolution

An efficient help desk ticketing system is known to provide ample of time to customer service staff to emphasize on responding and closing the tickets. The ability of this system to automate the day-to-day administration related to the processing of inbound help desk cases helps your customer support experts. As soon as an incoming ticket is received, it is entered into the system automatically. Then the ticket is directed to the correct representative. The ticket is embedded with the information associated with the customer case such as name, product detail, the timeline the ticket is expected to be resolved, and the urgency level.

This frees your customer support professionals, enabling them to focus on the tasks such as looking into customer’s issue and avoiding them to get indulged in extraneous functions such as entering data and flowing the ticket throughout the process.

Curtailed ticket backlog

Obviously, when you streamline your ticket processing procedure, the overall backlog of tickets are going to get trimmed. No customers want to wait for their issue to get addressed by the customer support expert. This lowers their trust in your brand. Customers expect a prompt resolution to their issues as there are many in the market who are providing the same. So, it becomes an essentiality to address the customers’ issue with least possible time and the help desk ticketing system ensures it.

This ticketing system also has the ability to unload stress from your customer support reps that enable them to solve customer’s issue with more proficiency and accuracy. Rapid service with uncompromised quality helps your brand to maintain an unparalleled image in the market.


When a firm is offering the help desk services India, it ensures to smoothen the overall ticketing process. This offers an opportunity for your customer service professionals to give an in-depth attention to the details regarding patron’s issue. The agents can spend more time with the customers, implementing a personalized approach to the entire interaction. Customers feel special when a support expert is showing interest in listening to their grievance and is understanding their pain points by giving enough time. This sows a seed for strong brand loyalty and ensures a consistent growth of revenue over a longer time period.

Interlinking the ticketing system with a CRM software enables your business to store umpteen details about the customers.

Information stored in CRM via linking with the help desk ticketing system are the name, address, purchase history, web browsing records, interests, likes, and so on. This offers a better clarity to the support agents to know who the customers are and what they like or what they are interested in, which, in turn, helps in solving patron’s query with much precision.

First-rate quality aid

Companies involved in offering help desk services India, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and China understand the tough competition in the market. This is why few of the eminent players ensure to segment their customers using the information saved by the ticketing systems. Customers are categorized based on the parameters such as same product, same language preference, same issues, and so on.

This ensures a prompt closure of the tickets, leading to a higher customer satisfaction. When your customers are happy, then your business is profitable.

Performance enhancement at regular intervals

If you hire a competent vendor who is offering help desk services with an efficient ticketing system, you will be getting the reports that include different metrics and analytics. These performance indicators or metrics are known to render insight into your comprehensive help desk process. This helps you in identifying the bottleneck in the process and improvises the overall efficiency.